Show Your Garage Door Some Love

Keeps Your Eyes Peeled

The number one mistake homeowners make is ignoring the warning signs of a garage door in need of service. Any change in the door’s path, motion or sound is a sign of trouble. If your opener pulls the door up when it reaches the ground, or if you have to keep holding the button down, it’s time to have a professional examine your door, tracks, springs and opener.

Likewise, pay attention to any new noises coming from your door or opener – squeaks, creaks, or grinding sounds. Garage doors never fix themselves. If you neglect to perform a routine repair, it will likely turn into a very costly problem down the road.

One additional thing you need to do is monitor any dings, dents and bumps. Every time someone or something hits the garage door, you should inspect the whole system to make sure there is no damage to the tracks or the safety sensors.


Leave It To The Professionals

DO NOT attempt to repair your garage door yourself! There are many repair jobs around the house that are suited to do-it-yourself handymen – overhead door repair is not one of them.

Seriously, there is enough tension in an extended garage door spring to catapult your door into the next county. Trying to replace the springs yourself, unless you are an experienced garage door repairman, is a recipe for disaster.

Thousands of people end up in the emergency ward each year because they tried to repair their own garage doors. Call a reputable technician for garage opener repair at the very first sign of trouble.


Be Nice To Your Garage Door

A modern garage door opener is expected to last 20 years or more. That entails opening and closing your heavy garage door – on demand – about five times a day, or 36,500 times over its lifetime. All that dependable service costs about $250, making the automatic garage door one of the last great bargains of home ownership.

Show your garage door some respect. It may seem like a lumbering giant, but your garage door is actually as precise as a finely-tuned Swiss watch. Take care of your garage door and it will take care of you and your family for decades to come.


K. Price